How Do You Dab?

With this ever-changing industry of entrepreneurs and creators, cannabis extracts are constantly changing.  From the original wax to Dabs Labs True Spectrum, there are several varieties to choose from with DabsLabs.  Check out these short descriptions to understand more about your options!


Live resin is crafted using whole frozen plant material.  By freezing the plant material, the trichomes remain in tact and the terpenes and cannabinoids are preserved.


Budder has a smooth, rich texture & consistency.  Unlike traditional wax or shatter, budder is strategically agitated or whipped throughout the purging process, created a beautiful, creamy consistency.


Shatter is preferred among hash connoisseurs for its durable and glass-like consistency.  Shatter tends to blast longer over time and maintains its stability to proper care.



Pure, potent, & packs a punch.  Distillate offers unlimited applications, and is arguably the most versatile concentrate on the market.  Since it’s decarboxylated, distillate can be consumed orally or dabbed.


The classic concentrate.  Wax is well-known for having a crumbly and/or sugary consistency. Traditional wax is extracted using cured or dried material and DabsLabs achieves optimal terpene & cannabinoid preservation through our proprietary extraction process.


High Cannabinoid & high terpene full spectrum extract.  HC often appears in a diamond shape, while HT is saucy.  By eliminating unwanted molecules from the cannabis trichome, like waxes, lipids, and fats, the final hash product contains beneficial cannabinoids desired by most cannabis connoisseurs.


True Spectrum is DabsLabs premier sauce product.  The perfect radio of cannabinoid dense HCFSE with flavorful HTFSE makes this sauce one-of-a-kind.



Try one or try them all!  Ask your local budtender for more information on your concentrate options!