How to Dab Properly

Dabs have quickly become the hottest trend in America’s stoner culture. From Action Bronson to Wiz Khalifa, major celebrities have taken dabs, dab culture, and the art of dabbing mainstream.

As we detailed in July, dabs–which are hashy cannabis concentrates extracted from cannabis–even have an informal stoner holiday named after the stuff on July 10 every year. 710, or OIL spelled upside down, is both a number that acknowledged the date that people dab together and a hashtag with over 2 million tags on Instagram.

Nearly all of these #710 tags celebrate dab culture and present pictures of dabs, hash, oil rigs, dabbing videos, or Chris Hemsworth (really). Before you can immerse yourself in dab culture and start throwing around the #710 tag, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. Dabs are an extremely potent form of cannabis that can top 90% THC.