Your New Dabs Contact

Have you been looking for a new dabs contact for your dispensary?  Look no further, as DabsLabs is here to simplify all of your concentrate needs.  With a close focus on new innovations, we are always searching for new and improved ways to assist Colorado dispensaries with their flower processing.  Our efforts in cleanliness, speed, and compliant methods set us apart from other labs in Colorado.  DabsLabs aims to set the standard for offering the highest quality dabs in Denver.  

DabsLabs processes a huge variety of concentrates, both medical and recreational, for several dispensaries like Headmaster MMJ, Drift, Northern Lights Cannabis Co., Growhouse, and others.   Some of our previous extractions included ChemDawg True Spectrum & Crystals, Head Cheese LIVE Resin & Sugar, StarDawg Wax, Tangie LIVE Budder & LIVE Sugar, and 500mg uncut distillate disposable vape pens with flavors like Sour Diesel and Skittles (2:1 THC:CBD). 

disposable vape pen

If you’re a Colorado cannabis company that wants to start processing you own flower, or have been disappointed with other Colorado labs, let us help!  We guarantee you will not be disappointed with our attention to detail in crafting your flower into wax, shatter, budder, distillate, live resin, and DabsLabs’ proprietary True Spectrum (a saucy, crystal HCSFE & HTSFE combination) concentrates. 

You can contact us here and we will send you more information to address your individual needs!