Dabs Labs Ranks in Hash-Off Potency Competition

Ever get in an argument with a friend over who makes the best hash? Jake Browne was sick of comparing concentrates with anecdotal information, so the Grow-Off founder and Denver Post cannabis critic decided to figure it out for himself — and lucky for you, he wants to take everyone along for the ride.

Browne’s new competition, the Hash-Off, pitted sixteen Denver concentrate-makers against each other, giving each team two pounds of the same strain: Toxic Kool Aid. The companies were then able to use any extraction method they wanted, with potency, terpenes and yield all measured to determine winners for each category. Browne sent each sample to cannabis testing lab TEQ Analytical for scientific judging, but consumers will have a chance to judge online as well.

Browne co-founded the Grow-Off in 2016, giving fifty Colorado commercial cannabis growers the same Race Fuel OG genetics and awarding the top three in potency, terpenes and yields. As with the Grow-Off, Browne wanted a strain for the Hash-Off that was unfamiliar to the dispensary scene. Toxic Kool Aid, a hybrid of Amnesia Haze and the White, is relatively new to Denver. “We wanted to find some flower that not a lot of teams had experience extracting,” he explains.


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