Solventless Extracts

One of the newest trends in the cannabis concentrates is solventless extracts. While we’ve had the luxuries of solventless products with kief and cold water hash for a while, new extraction methods have created a whole new category of dabables.

Kief, also known as pollen or dry sift, is the sandy crystals that fall off of the flowers that contain terpenes and cannabinoids. It acts as protection and pollination support for the cannabis plant, and can be easily removed with a three-chamber grinder that sifts flower from kief.

Cold Water Hash, also known as ice water hash or bubble hash, is created by a process that uses ice water to freeze the trichomes off of cold buds and creates a resin-like substance.

Why Solventless?
While most of the hydrocarbon solvents (BHO, etc) are purged out of your dabs, there is always the chance that it was not purged entirely, and the remaining solvent is smoked when dabbing. Without adding solvents like butane, propane, or CO2, the taste is cleaner, the smell is more pungent, and you’re able to enjoy your dabs without the noticeable tinge of remaining hydrocarbons. Many would rather smoke just the untainted plant matter than a chemically extracted dab, and some have even had medical reactions to improper purging of the wax involved.

A few extraction methods that only use heat & pressure include:

Rosin – a very visually diverse category of extract that can be made from fresh or cured flower, kief, and water hash. Some say that higher temperatures will create a more shatter-like consistency, while lower temperatures will yield slightly more viscous, resin-like concentrates. These extractions can produce full-melt hash, meaning there is no residual, unwanted matter left in the nail after the dab (unless it’s under-heated, that is).

Solventless Shatter – a type of rosin that maintains the typical clear, glassy look and feel. It resembles butane or CO2 extracted shatter but is only created using a combination of heat and pressure.

Budder – a type of rosin that resembles cake batter and is created by agitating rosin and adding light heat. Many claim the smell is stronger than other extracts and it is much creamier than other concentrates.

Some try to loop CO2 extractions into this category, but carbon dioxide is also a solvent. Distillate is also sometimes added into this group, because it’s “distilled”, but the process requires using butane or CO2 refined oils and alcohol or ethanol. Neither of this would be true solventless products.

There is no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to choosing your favorite dabs. If you haven’t tried a solventless dab before, branch out and try something new! You might really like it!

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