Dabbing with Discretion

The evolution of concentrates has evolved rapidly in the last few years.  While concentrates have been around for a while, only recently have clean and safe extractions become main stream.  A few years ago, amateur extractionists were accidentally blowing up sheds in their backyards trying to produce some coveted BHO wax.  Now, with the huge influx of concentrates, those numbers have gone down.  Concentrates have become more readily available with a variety of options other than BHO.

In addition to the evolution of the concentrate, the equipment has also started to evolve.  Originally, a heavy duty dab rig, metal dabber, and mini propane blowtorch were required to consume the concentrates.  Or, if you want to go really lax / old school, you may even remember heating up knives on the stove for knife hits.  Neither of these methods were necessarily safe or discreet, but so many things have been released in the last few years.


Move over blowtorch!  While many of the pyros love the blowtorch, it can be loud, obvious, and intimidating to a new consumer.  Although many will continue to heat their nails this way, the new technology around e-nails can change the way you see dabbing!  If you’ve ever burned your throat from taking too hot of a dab, or wasted part of a slab by not heating the nail enough, this could be your cure all.  An e-nail allows for consistent heating around the entire nail, and maintains your perfect dabbing temperature.  These tools are great but can get a little expensive for those with restricted budgets.  This is one of the best ways to “level up” your concentrate consumption.



Ditch the rig, dabber, and blowtorch for a sleek, inconspicuous oil pen.  Most pens are hand held and easy to tuck in a pocket.  However, when deciding on a vape pen, there is an ever-growing list of new technologies, so you have options.  Vape pens can be classified into two major categories: cartridge based or reloadable.  Each type offers its own perks, and it’s up to you to decide which you prefer.

disposable vape pen

Cartridges – These have become all of the rage in the recent past and offer a wide selection of flavors, concentrations, and colors.  Cartridges are sold filled with an oil-like substance and are attached to a thin battery pack for use.  These are the most simple, but can also be the most wasteful, for wax and for the environment.  Since they cannot be refilled by you, they are a one time use product.  You will also need to make sure that you buy the correct cartridge for your battery base, as some are shaped differently.

Reloadable – This is exactly what it sounds like, a pen that you can open and reload with your own concentrates.  Reloadable pens work better with waxy substances as opposed to the viscous oil that you find in cartridges.   These usually have two types of heating chamber options: Coil Atomizers and Ceramic Atomizers.  You will have to try each to find your favorite, there are a few key differences between the two.  A coil atomizer uses a quartz coil that heats up quickly, and can deliver powerful punches to the lungs.  A ceramic atomizer takes longer to heat, but has notably offered smoother hits with more flavor.  We also think the ceramic is easier to clean.

We would recommend grabbing a dabslabs cartridge OR reloadable, ceramic basic and picking up some of the
latest Dabs Labs concentrates at a dispensary near you!