An Interview featuring Chem James

DabsLabs is on the rise in the Colorado cannabis industry for a number of reasons, one being the influence of their Lead Extractor, Chem James.  A Colorado native and long-time industry member, he’s seen lots of changes happen over the years.  His first major claim to fame came through the original 710 Cup in Denver back in 2013 when he placed 2nd for one of his extracts.  Since then, he’s been recognized with a number of awards including: 1st Place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in Seattle (2014) and Denver (2016), and placed second in The Hashoff and The Hemp Connoisseur Championship.  As if his track record doesn’t lend to his concentrate quality, his forward thinking about the evolution and quality of concentrates is sure to change your mind.

DabsLabs offers a wide variety of medical and recreational shatter, wax, budder, live resin, sugar, distillate, and True Spectrum with names that will leave you drooling.  Some of the most recent releases have included Sour Melon Cookies, Cherry Lime Haze, Papayahuasca, among others.  

Here’s a short interview from Chem James’ perspective on DabLabs and the ever-changing concentrates industry:

1.  What is your previous experience in the industry?

CJ:  I started in the industry working for an edible company making all the activated hash oil for their edible products, and then created a line of smokable concentrates for the company, starting with shatter & wax.

2.  How did you get the name “Chem James”?

CJ: I got it from a Denver Relief strain called ChemJames, which was a Chem Dawg mystery cross. I’ve always been a big fan of chem strains and it kinda just stuck.

3.  What brought you to DabsLabs?

CJ: I wanted to start with a company from the ground level and build a brand of top quality concentrates that patients could depend on.

4.  What sets DabsLabs apart from the other concentrate companies? 

CJ:  We use a proprietary mix of solvents and do small batch extractions. I take part in each and every extraction whether it be wholesale or processing.

5.  What are you most excited to see in the industry (current happenings/products or in the future?)

CJ:  I’m excited to see the progression with live resin extractions and the emerging distillation processes like water clear and Delta-8 distillates.

6.  What is your favorite thing about working in the industry?

CJ: Just being able to make products that patients can use to aid with medical issues or recreational users taking up using concentrates rather then drinking or using harmful drugs.


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