‘Mom-and-pop’ DabsLabs concentrates on small batches, big flavors

We recently chatted with John Lehndorff of Sensi Magazine for an article about our concentrates.  We’re honored to be featured in one of their upcoming issues!

Here’s what John had to say:

“For a small, brand new company located in a rural area, DabsLabs has already gained a large reputation in Colorado’s cannabis industry.

“DabsLabs started as a mom-and-pop business after we went to a medical cannabis conference. We were impressed with the new discoveries being made about the plant and the benefits cannabis can bring to patients,” said DabsLabs CEO Barbara Goldman. She launched the company with her husband, Steven, in 2017 in Log Lane Village near Fort Morgan.

“From the beginning we focused on producing only the highest quality products and offering the best customer service. With quality concentrates comes great taste,” she said. The lab is devoted to capturing all the terpenes to give each batch an appealing flavor.

DabsLabs crafts small batches of live resin, shatter, wax, budder, sugar, and True Spectrum – ”diamonds in sauce” – drawn from various highest quality single strains. For instance, DabsLabs True Spectrum single-strain products recently available at Colorado dispensaries included Chem 91, Head Cheese and Silver Kush.   

DabsLabs line of concentrates is known for consistent potency and incredible flavor. Goldman credits the work of the company’s well-known lab manager, Chem James. “He has a tremendous amount of experience in the Colorado cannabis industry, especially on the medical side,” Goldman said. Using a proprietary extraction process, James focuses on preserving terpenes and cannabinoids. He oversees every small batch DabsLabs processes to assure the concentrates meet the highest quality standards

The young company is growing rapidly. “We are starting a lab buildout the will quadruple our production capacity soon. It will allow James to create even more innovative products. We are looking forward to the R&D he will be doing in the new lab,” Goldman said.

DabsLabs location has been an inspiration, too. “Log Lane Village is a cannabis-friendly town of under 1,000 people. They use the money from the cannabis businesses to build a better community for children. We’re proud to be located there in rural Colorado,” she said.

DabsLabs concentrates are currently available at more than 20 Colorado dispensaries including multiple locations of Starbuds, Lightshade and Doc’s Apothecary. The company also processes cannabis for medical and recreational dispensaries into live resin, shatter, wax, budder or sugar using the same quality control assurance.”



Check out the latest Sensi Magazine for more insights on pro-cannabis lifestyles, events, and products, and keep an eye out for our article in an upcoming issue!