3 Things to Know About Full Spectrum

Not all concentrates are created equal and neither are full spectrum extracts.  A true, full spectrum extract will show the same ratio of terpenes to flavonoids to cannabinoids in each concentrate in comparison to the plant it was extracted from.  There is a true full spectrum distillate, a high terpene full spectrum ‘terp syrup’, and high cannabinoid “diamond” sauce.   But, what’s the difference?

  1. What Does That Mean?
    Full spectrum means a wide variety of important elements of the cannabis plant are kept in-tact.  This includes terpenes, which hold the majority of the plant’s flavor and cannabinoids, which are the biomechanical elements like THC/CBD/CBN/etc.  For example: if a cannabis plant was 20:20:60 terpenes to flavonoids to cannabinoids (like THC/CBD), a full spectrum extract would hold the same ratio, 20:20:60.  Aside from meeting the scientific full-spectrum, know that higher quality plants will typically yield higher quality extracts.  With that in mind, we think high THC plants will offer higher concentrated HCFSE.  There is also what many refer to as the “entourage effect”.  This means that the terpenes, cannabinoids, and other components work more strongly & effectively when they’re consumed together.  Most of these extracts can be dabbed or ingested via edibles or tinctures due to their purity!
  2. High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts (HTFSE)
    While Different than High Cannabinoid FSE (see #3), High Terpene FSE comes from the same formula.  Terpenes are most notably the constituents with most flavor in the cannabis plant.  HTFSE is typically clear & a more fluid consistency that offers terpene profiles that can exceed 20% of the extract.  That means it one flavorful concentrate!  Aside from the terpenes, HTFSE includes some THC, cannabinoids and flavonoids, while removing fats, lipids, and other unneeded parts of plant matter.
  3. High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extracts (HCFSE)
    Instead of terpenes, this full spectrum focuses on maximizing the cannabinoid concentration.  Cannabinoids like THC & CBD have a tendency to create a crystalline structure (think a piece of rock salt or quartz), as opposed to a liquid substance like terpenes.  HCFSE, because it includes the THC “diamond” molecules, offers a larger amount of CBD and THC in the extractions.  While the flavor profile is less than the High Terpene FSE, it offers a small amount of flavonoids and terpenes to maintain flavor.

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