Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Dabs Labs Team!  

We’ve recently processed some spooky concentrates like our medical Sour Joker Shatter and Screamin’ Tangerine Live Budder and our recreational Blud wax, with candy-like extracts including Clemdawg Live Wax, Dubble Tropicana Wax, and Queen Mother Goji True Spectrum.  Interested in our other concentrate flavors?  Check out our inventory here!  

In the past week, we’ve dropped new product all over Denver and the front range.  Doctor’s Orders, Standing Akimbo, Tweedleaf, and Living Rose Wellness all received variety drops of Wax and Shatter.  RiverRock Cannabis & Cannasseur received live concentrate drops and full spectrum extracts.  Read more about our latest drops.

Do you represent a dispensary in Colorado and want a processing partner?  Dabs Labs will happily produce small batch, high quality concentrates with your flower material!  We offer wax, shatter, budder, live resin, true spectrum (full spectrum), and distillate.  Email us for more information on processing