Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from DabsLabs!  We are so grateful to be your Colorado provider for medical and recreational cannabis concentrates.  We wish you a filling day of high quality dabs and delicious food! 

If you’re looking for some festive holiday concentrate pairings with your Thanksgiving day lunch or dinner, look no further!  Stimulate your appetite before you eat with some 501st Shatter & Wax or a little Flo OG Live Budder or Resin!  After lunch is all said and done, enjoy some Dubble Tropicana Wax or Queen Mother Goji Full Spectrum Extract to lull yourself into a nice, dab & tryptophan-induced cat nap.

Interested in seeing what types of extracts we’ve been working on lately?  Visit our Products & Inventory page to check out our current selection of concentrates like shatter, wax, budder, sugar, live resin, full spectrum, and distillate

If you’re curious where to find some of our most recent drops, check out our Store Locator page to find out where you can put up our latest dabs!