REVIEW: Queen Mother Goji Full Spectrum Extract by DabsLabs

A smooth inhale of earth and cherry with a quick punch between the eyes

Queen Mother Goji
Queen Mother x Nepali OG x Snow Lotus
Indica-Dominant Hybrid (high THC)

Creative, Euphoric, Relaxed


This week, we’re reviewing our Queen Mother Goji Full Spectrum Extract.

Queen Mother Goji is a Colorado-grown, flavorful, and potent cannabis strain. Known as a high-THC, indica-dominant hybrid it has been reported to help with insomnia and chronic pain.  The flavor and aroma of the flower is predominantly cherry with a deep earthy undertone.

Our Full Spectrum Extracts offer a high concentration of THC crystals, with an elaborate profile of terpene sauce.  You truly get the best of both worlds.  This indica-dominant strain will leave you heavy behind the eyes with a fruity flavor on your tongue.  If you’re not used to a high THC strain like this one, give yourself some relax time before accomplishing your chores for the day.  Many have reported enjoying the strain to help relieve pain or to get them “in the zone” before they hit the gym.

The buds of this flower are fluffy and round with long orange hairs.  The flower has a reddish tint to it’s leaves.  You can see it’s high THC content with the thick milky trichomes that cover the plant.

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