Cannabinoids and Their Potential Medical Support in Illnesses

More research is seemingly being conducted daily into the benefits and potential healing properties of the over 90 different cannabinoids currently known to be in cannabis. The two most abundant cannabinoids present within the plant, THC and CBD, are well described, while a myriad of other cannabinoid formulations are now being examined and show promise for treating specific ailments.

On the cutting edge of this research is the potential benefits that cannabinoids show in treating cancer. [1] Studies have been looking into this since the mid-1970s, but current research points to the capacity for cannabinoids to inhibit the growth and development of certain tumor cells while triggering apoptotic cancer cell death. [2] Other research has shown that cannabinoids, in their natural phytochemical state as well as in synthetic forms, are effective in the treatment of many different types of cancers, including: glioma, colon, liver, pancreatic, breast, prostrate, lung and melanoma.