Review: Mob Boss Wax

A delicious, pine & citrus combo with a head-high like a hot air balloon ride


Mob Boss
Chemdawg D x Tang Tang
Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Happy, Uplifted, Hungry


After one hit of Mob Boss, you almost immediately begin to feel the pressure begin to build at your temples.  Over the next 30mins, your whole head begins to feel like a balloon, expanding as the minutes pass.  A rush of energy lifts you up and can fuel creativity or physical activity. 

Typically noted as a sativa-leaning cross by Grindhouse Medical Seeds, different phenotypes have been known to have a variety of effects.  The average potency of Mob Boss flower is between 15-20%.  The flowers are light green, small but dense buds, with red hairs.  The Mob Boss wax has the distinctive skunky citrus smell and an initial sweet flavor that fades into earthier tones.  The texture of the DabsLabs Mob Boss wax is similar to the peanut butter inside of a Reeses.  It is slightly more crumbly while retaining a resiny residue on your fingers.  You could handle it with either your fingers or a dab tool.

Keep a snack nearby, because you’re destined to get a little hungry with Mob Boss.

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