REVIEW: Flo Wax by Dabs Labs

A sweet aroma and subtle, spicy smoke that uplifts and energizes for the day


Purple Thai x Afghani Indica

Energetic, Clear-Headed, Relaxed


Take a solid toke of Flo for a pleasant high that won’t infringe on your ability to function.  A nice, all-day high, Flo will keep you uplifted and active without being too overstimulated or too stuck in the couch.

With seeds bred by Dutch Passion, and propagated by DJ Short, this hybrid was rated #1 by the Cannabis Cup in 1996.  The buds are dense with dark purple & green leaves and pear-shaped purple calyxes.  This flower is a large producer and can sometimes be harvested more than once!  The buds smell very sweet, while the smoke begins with a sweet & earthy flavor, with a hint of spice at the end.  This Dabs Labs Flo shatter is a beautiful, translucent honey color, has a smooth, shiny texture, and snaps into pieces quite easily.  If you’re looking for a full day in uplifted bliss (not to mention little-to-no mess), this is a great shatter to snag at your local dispensary!  It won’t stick to your hands but it will definitely stick in your mind as you pleasantly move through your day.

DabsLabs offers the highest quality, small-batch extraction in Colorado.  See our Store Locator to find stores in Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, Steamboat Springs, and more. We choose quality, high-THC strains to make our wax, budder, true spectrum, distillate, sugar, shatter, live resin, and more!