A Short Guide to Saving Money on Dabs in Colorado

4 Ways to Get the Most Bucks from Your Dab

In about 6 years, dabs, also known by many monikers and subcategories, went from a relatively obscure cannabis product to being a phenomenon with a dance named after it. Even with its popularity, it’s not easy to find good dabs, or concentrates in general. This article will walk you through some of the various tips and tricks that’ll help you make your stash last and maybe even save you a pretty penny!



One of the best things about legalization is the readiness of competition. A smart cannabis consumer needs to keep in mind that they have options. Just because the store you frequent isn’t having a good deal on concentrates, doesn’t mean you should default to buying them. Ask the budtender about their various products, whether shatter, budder, wax, sugar, or live resin, and see what their deals are!  The most powerful tool to have is the ability to thank the budtender for their time with a tip and to walk away to continue the search for those tasty, terpy dabs. Go pick up a Westword and call around to dispensaries near you. Remember there are plenty of places that are happy to share their inventory.  You can check out our Store Locator page to see where DabsLabs has been recently dropped extracts.



After you have your preferred concentrates at a price that brings you joy, you can finally start to inhale the deliciousness once you’re at home. Depending on your cannabis tolerance, you may be inclined towards larger dabs. With the exception of devices like an E-Nail, which maintain a set temperature on the nail, you’re most likely going to have some part of the dab that does not totally vaporize and goes to waste. However, if you are trying to make your dabs last, go for smaller dabs done more frequently. The smaller ones tend to leave less to waste, leading to being comparably medicated while preserving your stash for seshes to come.



While certain circumstances don’t allow for it, one of the best things you can do to get the most out of your gram is to buy an Electronic Nail, or E-Nail. Known under many different brand names, E-Nails run the cost gamut from $75 all the way into the high hundreds depending on what you want. Due to the fact that the nail constantly stays hot, there is little to no waste incurred on any size of dabs. Despite the fact that this makes dabbing more convenient, it also leads to complete consumption of the dab, making every little bit of THC count.



Lastly, one of the most effective ways of making the most of your dab budget is to buy package deals and set some aside. When consuming, if you’re looking at a huge stash of stuff, it’s easy to get ahead of one’s self and run through your supply quickly.  Different people have different modalities so while this is an effective method, it requires you to limit yourself.  You may even have to hide it, leaving only one gram out at a time to limit your temptation.  Going through one gram at a time using all our other methods listed above should help.  It may even make sure that you won’t have to switch out that chicken breast for ramen at the grocery store when you’re on a budget.


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