REVIEW: Tahoe Alien Live Resin Sugar by Dabs Labs

A piney, cerebral high and body relaxer to quickly ease you into the afternoon


Tahoe Alien
Tahoe OG x Alien Kush
Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Relaxed, Euphoric, with a little Cotton-Mouth


This indica-dominant strain offers both a heady high and a heavy body buzz giving you the best of both worlds.  While this strain has offered up to 28% THC and 4% CBD, it is not necessarily going to couch lock you for the rest of the day.  Some have even reported that the effects of this strain are shorted-lived than other strains.  The effects of the combo head and body high will have you feeling at ease, creative, and euphoric.  These characteristics make it a great recreational & medical strain.

Also known for its medical benefits, the Alien Genetics strain of Tahoe Alien have been reported to help reduce insomnia and nausea.  Others have reported a reduction of anxiety, pain, and inflammation, which may be due to the CBD content of this strain.  The bulky buds of this plant are typically a frosty, light mint green with light amber trichomes and bright orange hairs.  Some have reported this to taste like a perfect combination of its parents Tahoe OG x Alien Kush with earthy, pine notes, others taste stronger hints of lemon and grapes, as well.  This delicious strain pairs with a fun afternoon group smoke sesh with some friends, just make sure to keep a cold beverage (and maybe some eyedrops) nearby.  This live resin sugar is a beautiful golden color and has a sticky, yet cohesive texture.

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