Changing Up Your Cannabis Extracts Experience with DabsLabs

So much has changed in the cannabis industry since its legalization not so long ago.  The science and artistry of growing and extracting cannabis is no longer talked about in hushed tones, but large multi-media campaigns. The advancement of hash via wax and shatter is nothing if not exciting. Even so, it’s easy to fall into routines that make even consuming delicious dabs a bit boring. In the interest of keeping you on your toes, here are some ideas of what to do when you need to change things a bit.

Dabbing by Yourself

  1. Cannabis is an inherently personal consumption material. Not only are there many variations and variables involved in consuming cannabis, but every person has an endocannabinoid system that can be quite different from anyone else’s. Reviews and advice on what to smoke are usually qualified with generalizations like “for me” or “most people find”, etc. One of the ways to liven your experience with concentrates is via Dab Flights. Similar to the Beer Flights, it consists of 4-6 smaller dabs meant to be taken one after the other, so as to compare their flavor profiles.
  2. There are even more exotic ways to consume your hash. One way requires wax, as well as shatter. Flatten out your shatter until its a bit thin, this can easily be done with a pencil. Being sure not to let the shatter get too warm, place a small ball of wax in the middle of the shatter plate and wrap the sides up around the wax. This little gag is best accomplished on an electronic nail, or one that is a little bit hotter than normal for a single dab. As the bhomb is dropped on the nail, the shatter will initially melt, providing a nice source of smoke. Once the wax hits the nail, it will flood out and release a ton of smoke.
  3. As easy as it is to become comfortable with your cannabis concentrates, one of the best things you can do is to make an effort to mix things up. Sure, that 98 Bubba Kush looks incredible and you’ve smoked it before, but give your palate something different to try. Whether that’s the strain you don’t recognize, or a product you don’t know, it is healthy to try new things, so long as it isn’t an absurdly long shot. If you have been trying mostly live resins, try a PHO. If you have been smoking via a pen, give your headshop a visit and pick up a nectar collector, etc.

Dabbing with Others

  1. Share Your Stash: While this advice is a great way to try twice as many products in half the time, it should be noted that friends should make sure they agree about flavor profiles before jumping in head first on this one. A major problem experienced by many is the constraints of a budget staring you down as you attempt to discern which grams will make it home with you. For those in this situation, we suggest you find a Half on Hash partner. This is a person who you split hash with when you buy new stuff. It works whether you are trading whole grams, or even as little as a 0.2. The ability to change up what you introduce to your palate will have you excited to see friends and their new acquisitions.
  2. One of the ways you can increase the amount of utility, or happiness found from your hash consumption is to try and record your reactions and impressions from each product you try. A small journal or even a notepad will suffice. Not only will writing down your preferences make it easier for you to pick something new, but it also stores that information in a different part of the brain than if you had just thought these things through, preventing you from stonily buying something you’ve already tried.

There you have it, about a handful of ways of preventing your hash situation from becoming old and tired. Whether it means splitting some new hash with a friend or trying to dab in a different way, there’s always something fascinating that can be done with cannabis and it’s extracts.  DabsLabs offers a vast and unique variety of concentrates like wax, shatter, live resin, live sugar, budder, true spectrum, and more.  It can be easy to navigate hash boredom with regular shipments of small batch extracts.  Check out our Store Locator to see our available concentrates near you!