Review: Berry Bomb Shatter

A calming, warm berry flavor that offers a strong but clear head high and easy daze


Berry Bomb
Blueberry x Bomb #1
Indica-Leaning Hybrid

Sweet & Strong like Frosty Berries


This indica-dominant hybrid offers clear head and a relaxed body.  The pungent berry flavor and notes of pine will offer a full-body takeover and may just lull you right to sleep.  This plant can yield up to 20% THC.  Frosty, dense buds have dark, rust-colored hairs and sometimes offer hints of purple in cooler temperatures.  In the buds and concentrates, you will find a strong aroma and flavor of juicy blueberries.  

Berry Bomb, a strain developed by Bomb Seeds from the Netherlands, is a cross between the fruity Blueberry strain and Bomb #1, a signature strain from Bomb Seeds.  This bud can be known as a creeper, which means it may take its time to reach its full effects.  A perfect evening strain, some consumers say they have experienced relief from anxiety and stress after smoking.  Others have noted some pain relief after smoking.  We definitely recommend keeping a cold beverage nearby, as Berry Bomb has also been known to induce dry mouth. 

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