New Versa Cartridge Line Dropping First at The Herbal Cure

Exclusive first drop at The Herbal Cure

Dabs Labs is dropping the Versa Cartridge line at The Herbal Cure. Buy three & get one cartridge for a penny for a limited time.
Location: 985 S Logan St, Denver, CO 80209

Dabs Labs is dropping our entire Versa Cartridge line to Denver’s The Herbal Cure now through August 25th, 2019. For a limited time, you will be able to buy three cartridges & get the third for just a penny! That means from now until August 25th, all four flavors can be purchased for under $100. Please note that we will have the Premium & Luxury line available on the recreational side. Please see below for for more details.

The Luxury Line


Our luxury Versa pen is a true #HTFSE sauce cartridge. It comes packaged in a box & is handcrafted using high terpene fraction from our small batch live resin. This is infused with refined and molecularly distilled THC to create a true cannabis strain flavor, and a feeling that lets you take control. No cutting agents used ever!

Meet the flavors

Strain: Clementine

Category: Fruity & Bold

Time: Best enjoyed in the morning

Type: Sativa, although select terpenes also affect mood.

Strain: Ghost Train Haze

Category: Fuel & Focus

Time: Best enjoyed during the day

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid, although select terpenes also affect mood

Strain: Mandarin Sunset

Category: Calm & Creative

Time: Best enjoyed in the early evening

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid, although select terpenes also affect mood

Strain: Gelato

Category: Peace & Quiet

Time: Best enjoyed at night

Type: Indica, although select terpenes also affect mood

The Premium Line


The same flavor & feeling as our Luxury Line, but at a more competitive price point. Our Premium Versa cartridge is a distillate cart infused with true cannabis profile terpenes to preserve each strain’s flavor and integrity. A highly potent cartridge crafted with your mood in mind. Of course, we do not use cutting agents for any cartridge product.

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