Versa Luxury Line Cartridges

As cannabis becomes increasingly legal and easier to access, consumers have more options for their money. While you may have some favorite products and strains you go back to repeatedly, you might not be aware of the highest quality cartridges that are available right now. Our Versa Luxury line of carts boasts increased potency from blended strains and unbelievable flavors that will have you coming back for more.

Beyond strength and flavor, our Versa carts are engineered to provide specific benefits, depending on what you plan on doing after you partake. Whether it’s a wake-and-bake kind of day, you need to focus on work, or you need help combating insomnia or pain, our Versa Luxury line has something for you.

What makes Versa different?

Dabs Labs creates incredible small-batch products that are as delicious as they are functional, but Versa is our best-of-the-best. We take the highest terpene content from our already highly selective products and infuse it with molecularly-distilled THC. The result is heightened potency and flavor unlike any other products. Let’s take a look at our four Versa Luxury carts and see which would benefit you the most.


This Sativa-dominant strain is like a delicious cup of coffee in the morning – perks you up and keeps you going. The strain here is Clementine, a hybrid made from blending Lemon Skunk and Tangie, producing extremely delicious citrus-dominant notes that play on your tongue. Perfect for wake-and-bake, as it keeps you energized but feeling good. Some consumers say it’s great for activating your third eye and getting hyper-focused for creative work, like music or art.

We love it because the Sativa-dominant strain provides energy and focus without the couch-lock of other strains or jitters of caffeine. 


Also perfect for waking you up, Uplift is made from a blend of Tangie and Ghost Train, to create a cart that helps you get alert, energetic, and focused. Perfect for people who have trouble waking up in the morning, or who suffer from daily fatigue, Uplift will help you get moving and focused on your work (or play). The buds are big, bulbous, and covered in trichome, offering a pungent, sweet flavor of citrus and cedar. Who needs orange juice with breakfast when you could have Uplift instead?


Built to relax by blending Herijuana and Orange Skunk to create Mandarin Sunset, Chill is Indica-dominant and made for people looking to unwind. Mandarin Sunset has won several awards and is a must-try if you like Indica-dominant strains. The pungent, skunky, orange flavor is something that shouldn’t be missed, either.


Designed to be the perfect euphoric relaxation, Sleep is best enjoyed in the evening when you want to melt away stress, pain, and insomnia. Medicinal cannabis users that enjoy Sleep carts report that Gelato – made by blending Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies with Sunset Sherbet – is potent, especially for novice cannabis users. For people with a bit of a tolerance, it still provides enough clarity to function during the day but can still help you relax. 

Deep purple and richly delicious smelling (the aroma is where Gelato gets its name), Sleep carts are perfect for utter relaxation and when you just want to dissolve into your bed.

Dabs Labs has the luxurious carts you crave

We pride ourselves on a quality product every time, and Versa Luxury carts are the apex of that desire for perfection. Incredible depth of flavor from high-terpene blends and utter potency are just some benefits of these carts. Targeted benefits are a huge part of what makes the Versa Luxury line worth checking out in our shop. While you’re there, you’re sure to find other cannabis products that will lift you up, chill you out, and help you feel great, any time of day.