How to properly smoke dab oil.

How to Properly Smoke Dab Oil: A Guide for Beginners  

Looking for a new experience beyond smoking regular herb? Concentrates are usually the next move for curious cannabis consumers. Specifically, dab oil tends to attract a lot of attention. Boasting purity, high cannabinoid content, and a good experience with just a “dab,” this concentrate can be enjoyed in a plethora of ways, but smoking dab oil is the most common consumption method.

If you’re new to the dab oil idea, you’re bound to be curious. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways you can smoke dab oil, a few good pointers about equipment, and some tips just right for total newbs.

First Thing’s First—What Is Dab Oil Anyway?

Dab oil is a cannabis concentrate, much like shatter or wax, to name a few. Just like other cannabis concentrates, dab oil is a form of concentrated cannabis flower. While general cannabis flower will yield somewhere between 15 and 20 percent THC, concentrates can be much more potent with at least 80 percent THC and sometimes more.

The general way to smoke dab oil is to heat the oil to a vapor point and inhale the smoke. You literally only need a tiny dab because the oil is so potent, so starting low and going slow is the ongoing recommendation for any newcomer to concentrates.

Try Dab Oil with a Honey Straw

A honey straw is the simplest, cheapest way to smoke dab oil. You can use this glass device by heating the tip with a good torch lighter until it is glowing just a bit, and then tap the heated glass tip to your concentrate as you inhale from the other end.

Tip: Some people prefer to add their dab oil to a small glass plate or dabber before heating their tip, so they can see precisely how much concentrate they are using.

Get Yourself a Dab Rig

Dab rigs are fancier and a little more costly, but these rigs are easily the most popular way to smoke dab oil. The dab rig is like a glorified water pipe that consists of a holding chamber, a mouthpiece, and a nail. To use a dab rig:

  1. Add water to the holding chamber
  2. Place your desired amount of dab oil on a dabber
  3. Heat the dab nail with a lighter
  4. Use the concentrate dabber to dab the oil on the heated nail
  5. Inhale through the mouthpiece

Tip: You can simplify using a dab rig by picking up an e-nail, which is an electric-powered nail that you don’t have to heat manually.

Add Dab Oil to Your Vape Rig or Try T-Waxing

Dab oil has a somewhat honey-like consistency, so it can be added to your own vape liquids or home-filled vaping carts. In addition, some people enjoy T-waxing, which involves drizzling just a bit of oil onto dried cannabis before rolling it into a joint or dropping the bud in a bong or pipe.

Tip: Flower with oil is harder to burn, so you will find yourself having to keep a lighter going for a good burn.

Opt for a Slow-Go Dab Oil Experience as a Beginner

Smoking dab oil can be a totally enlightening experience, but it’s also easy to overdo it as a beginner by smoking too much and experiencing a high that’s too much. If you’re new to dabbing, enlist the help of an experienced dabber for guidance. Beyond that, keep in mind that a slow-go process is for the best. Use a tiny amount of oil, take a few hits, and chill for a bit to see how you are affected. With a little practice, you may find dab oil is your new favorite way to enjoy cannabis.