Is Colorado Finally Getting Cannabis Lounges?

Relaxing with some drinks has been a human tradition for hundreds if not thousands of years. While alcohol is pretty common at parties and restaurants in America, cannabis is largely vacant from public consumption. Though there are many layers of difficulty in most cities that prevent cannabis lounges, Colorado may be poised to change all of that.

Currently, there are places you can go to hang out and imbibe marijuana but Colorado cannabis lounges are all membership-only. This means you can’t just show up and hang out, which poses a problem for locals and tourists alike. The new ordinance, which passed on 4/20/21, allows people in Denver to start opening cannabis lounges. This is an important move for the local economy, and a signal to the rest of the state to follow suit.

What exactly is a cannabis lounge?

As a bar is to alcohol, a cannabis lounge is to marijuana. The difference is that in most cannabis lounges, you can bring your own product. These are places that you can go, hang out, and get high legally in public. As we stated above, they are either membership-only or available to book for private events, but the new Denver ordinance would allow public lounges to open.

This makes a spontaneous visit – after work, for a party, or when friends come through town – a viable option for people in the city.

What are the benefits of cannabis lounges?

In addition to increasing the available options to unwind for busy citizens of Denver, these lounges provide extra opportunities for tourists. Interest from both residents and travelers will boost the economy in the city and open new businesses and jobs. The subsequent boost in revenue should be an example to the rest of Colorado that public lounges are a great method of increasing the local economy and invigorating commercial districts with new options.

Because lounges encourage people to BYOW (bring your own weed), they’re not in any kind of direct competition with other canna-businesses. This allows lounges to exist next to existing cannabis retailers without there being any kind of overlapping competition. In fact, many lounges might want to sell a selection of local products, the way a bar or coffee shop would.

As we said, the opening of cannabis lounges in Denver should be the gateway to Colorado moving to allow these types of places across the state.

Support your local cannabis lounge!

Whether you’re a long-time enjoyer of cannabis or you want to try it for the first time, visiting a cannabis lounge is a great social activity. Not only will you be enjoying good times with good friends, but you’ll also be putting money back into your local economy. Cannabis lounges are often cheaper and easier to open than full-scale cannabis retail businesses, and this means more opportunities for entrepreneurs with less starting money. Additionally, your support of these businesses sends a message to all of Colorado’s cities that lounges are safe, fun, and a great investment.