The Story behind the 710 holiday

Cannabis aficionados are perhaps the most creative people on the planet when it comes to designating certain days of the year to celebrate their passion for weed. While even non-users have heard about the association between 4/20 and cannabis, 7/10 Day isn’t as well-known outside of the global cannabis community.

Why is 7/10 Called Dab Day?

Also referred to as “Dab Day”, 7/10 Day is, of course, celebrated on July 10 every year. The reason for the nickname Dab Day involves the use of cannabis concentrates instead of standard methods of cannabis consumption. Dabs are made by extracting cannabinoids and THC from cannabis and combining these concentrated cannabinoids with a solvent. This gives you a type of thick, sticky oil that is heated on the tip of an e-nail or other similar device. Once smoke starts rising from the heated dab, you just inhale and enjoy.

Who Started the Idea of a 7/10 Holiday?

Nobody knows the wheres, whens or whos of Dab Day but there are many theories about its beginnings over a decade ago:

  • 7/10 is the brainchild of diehard Grateful Dead fans. When Grateful Dead members lived in San Francisco in the late 1960s, their address was said to be 710 Ashbury Street at the corner of the famous Haight-Ashbury intersection
  • It’s just a big joke involving oil caps. Old school autos used to have oil caps imprinted with the letters O-I-L. Looking at the oil cap upside down, you could interpret the letters as numbers–710. While this sounds like something out of a Cheech and Chong comedy skit, there’s really no way of disproving this theory, right?
  • In 2011, the hip hop band TaskRok released “The Movement”, an album with several songs that alluded to using dabs. One of those songs was titled “7:10”. This theory about where the cannabis holiday 7/10 originated is popular because TaskRok posted Instagram posts referring to this song and another song called “Boil That Oil”.

Two years after TaskRok lit up Instagram and other social media sites with his posts about “7:10”, the long-standing, alternative newspaper LA Weekly published the now famous article 710 is the new 420” in 2013. This year is also considered the first time 7/10 was officially celebrated as Dab Day. 

3 Great Ways You Can Celebrate 7/10

Celebrating Dab Day properly starts with a little planning and preparation:

Purchase an E-nail

A glass rig accessory equipped with an electric coil heating element, enails work well to control the temperature so you don’t have to keep reheating dabs. They also eliminate the need for butane, last for several hours and require minimal power to operate.

Enhance Your Dabbing Experience with Glass Rigs

Specially designed for vaporizing cannabis concentrates, glass dab rigs are essentially water pipes that work in conjunction with dab nails that need torched before dabbing concentrate on the nail. “True” dabbers will tell you glass rigs provide one of the best dabbing experiences compared to other methods.

Celebrate Dab Day with Edibles or Vape Pens

If you’re not a dabber (yet), there’s no reason you can’t celebrate with edibles made from cannabis concentrates. Alternatively, you can use vape pens to enjoy the 7/10 holiday with friends.

Start gathering your 7/10 accessories today!