Cannabis Delivery is right around the corner

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we can get anything delivered to our house. There’s nothing better than having a meal or beer or even consumer goods delivered right to your door. It’s even a great opportunity to help out other people by creating jobs and providing great tips.

It was only a matter of time, then, that cannabis stepped into this system. With more competition than ever in the cannabis dispensary business, companies need to innovate and for the first time, a dispensary in Colorado is offering deliveries.

Cannabis delivery in Colorado

The Dandelion is a Bolder-based cannabis dispensary that saw a need to get medical cannabis patients their medicine during the pandemic. This was due to some legislation that was passed enabling the delivery of cannabis products to medical patients during the lockdown. Now that things have opened up, The Dandelion will deliver to anyone in Bolder or Superior.

This dispensary is not the first in the country to offer cannabis deliveries – places in California and Nevada offer this service as well. It is the first place in Colorado delivering cannabis, however, and so far the only one. It started recreational deliveries this past January and they haven’t looked back, with a huge volume of sales being delivery orders.

For The Dandelion, the first 3 deliveries are free, with a small $5 fee afterwards – not really any different than ordering a pizza. Orders need to be over $100 as well to qualify for delivery.

What this means for other dispensaries

Though The Dandelion is the only delivery system in the state currently, it does set a precedent for other companies to follow. With the added revenue and customer range that home orders have brought, many canna-businesses want to get in on the action as well. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers and legislators are wary to allow cannabis delivery carte blanche.

Even though the pandemic forced the government’s hand to allow medical patients access to cannabis, the drive to allow cannabis delivery is 6 years in the making. Legislators couldn’t agree on the legality, ethics, and safety of delivering cannabis to people’s homes. It’s likely that without the lockdown, it still wouldn’t be a reality.

This is changing, however – local communities want cannabis delivery and businesses want to provide it. When there is so much benefit to this service, lawmakers have to take notice.

Is cannabis delivery the future?

It’s likely this service will continue to spread across Colorado and other states where cannabis is legal. Just like legality in general, delivery services are likely not too far off as current attitudes towards cannabis are changing for the better. As the nation progresses, the idea of ordering cannabis from your local dispensary and having it delivered will no longer be a far-off dream.