Curb Your Munchies with Healthy Snacks

Cannabis has a number of potential benefits for the user, but appetite suppression typically isn’t one of them. If you’re not taking it as an appetite stimulant, you might be alarmed at just how many snacks you can pack away in a short period of time. We’ll look at healthier alternatives you munch on when you feel a craving coming on. 


If you have a sweet tooth, there’s no better way to satisfy it than by stocking up on the following:

  • Fresh fruit: Fruit may have tons of sugar, but it’s also packed with fiber and minerals too. Instead of hitting your body with several thousand volts of sweet stuff, the worst of the effects are tempered by the rest of the nutrients hidden in the pulp. 
  • Low-cal ice cream: Brands like Halo-Top make pints of ice cream that are just a few hundred calories. While certainly not the healthiest option in the world, it’s definitely a better decision if you need something to cool down with. 


Salty snacks are often a given when the munchies strike, but grease isn’t the first thing you have to reach for:

  • Popcorn: Delicious and healthy, popcorn is inherently a smarter option than chips. Just remember to cut out the butter and oils (courtesy of the microwave junk) and make it with something smarter like coconut oil or olive oil. 
  • Nuts: Nuts are high in fat, but they also have plenty of nutrients and vitamins in them. Be careful about how much you eat, but don’t be afraid to swap them in when you’re craving something salty. 


When you need something with some bite to it, try the following:

  • Wheat toast: Topped with nut butter, this snack goes a long way to giving you the kind of healthy fats and protein you need for the day. We recommend almond butter because it has less fat than standard peanut butter. 
  • Hard-shelled tacos: Real tacos are a healthy way to get some crunch in your life. Snack on a few spicy treats (preferably ones that are loaded with plenty of veggies).


Something about the push and pull of gooey snacks is irresistible. When that’s all that will suffice, try the following:

  • Protein brownies: Known for being naturally sweetened, protein brownies cut out all of the worst parts of the dessert but retain the texture you’ve come to love. 
  • Banana fudge cups: Overripe bananas can make excellent fudge when combined with a little nut butter. Condensed milk helps hold everything together. 


Dabs Labs knows just how important your health is, which is why all of our small batch harvests are made with no cutting agents or additives. If you’re trying to make a few lifestyle changes for the better, these snacks are a smart way to curb your hunger without expanding your waistline.