At Dabs Labs, we focus on innovation.


Dabs Labs is committed to flavorful extracts. It’s our goal to preserve the integrity and flavor of each strain we process. At Dabs Labs, we’ve mastered the art of expressing strain qualities to the utmost degree. You may buy with your eyes, but flavor is what keeps you coming back for more. Unmatched flavor, high potency and a stunning aesthetic is the Dabs Labs standard.


Dabs Labs is a family owned business, dedicated to mom-and-pop quality at an affordable pricepoint. We put love into our work and pride ourselves on superior customer service. It’s our mission to constantly develop cleaner, faster, and safer methods to the production and preservation of the highest quality concentrates. We were founded on the principles of cannabis advocacy, awareness and customer care.


Every batch of concentrates we run at Dabs Labs is overseen by our lead extractor for quality and consistency. No product leaves our doors without meeting our standard of excellence. Dabs Labs is tight knit, meaning we run everything in small batches to ensure flavor, aesthetics and potency. All of our concentrates are hand crafted by our renowned extraction team for a better dabbing experience.


Our concentrates have been recognized as some of the best from reputable judges in The Hash Off & THC Magazine. Dabs Labs placed third in 2018’s THC Championship for Best Recreational Live Resin with our Clementine FSE and second place in 2017’s Hash Off for highest potency.

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