disposable vape pen

Disposable Vape Pen

DabsLabs now bringing the most economical way to vape: the disposable vape pen. Our pens are filled with high quality, uncut distillate for that premium experience you expect from a DabsLabs product. These pens are good for approximately 100 pulls and then you can simply throw it away.  With a much lower price point then the normal pen setup, and no need to charge, these DabsLabs pens bring you the ultimate in convenience, price, and quality.

Cannabis Wax

Head Cheese Wax

Nothing like the smell of Headcheese coming out of the oven in the morning!  Cooked to perfection and terpene rich, this budder is sure to please.  You can find this now at Herbal Wellness in Layfatte and Verts in Fort Collins. Yum!